The town was established in 1786 by Captain Francis Light, upon acquiring the island of Penang from a local sultan. He named the town after King George IV of England.

Today, Georgetown is the capital of Penang. It is the seat of administration and the commercial hub of the state. Located in the north-east part of the island and is connected to the mainland by Penang bridge.

A ferry service transports vehicles and passengers from mainland Butterworth to Georgetown and back, 24 hours a day.

Georgetown possesses a unique charm of old and new perfectly blended. Take to its streets and you will see small time peddlers exhibiting their wares within view of larger, more modern business establishments. Vintage trishaws share the roads with modern automobiles. Quaint, old buildings stand proud next to taller, more sophisticated ones.

Attractions in Georgetown

Penang Museum and Art Gallery

Built in 1821, this former school houses a fine collection of old photographs, maps, charts and many other historical relics which provide an insight to Penang's history.

Sri Mariamman Temple

Built in 1883, its the oldest Hindu temple in Georgetown, signifying strong Indian influence in this place. This is the main venue for Thaipusam festival.

Fort Cornwallis

The historic site where Captain Francis Light first landed on this island in 1786.

The remains of this wooden fort was later rebuilt using stones by convict labour in 1804.

Khoo Kongsi

It is the most picturesque temple in Georgetown.

The kongsi or clan-temple is a magnificient building with intricate carvings on the wall, pillars and roof created by master craftsmen from China. The beams are made from the finest wood and richly ornamented.

The building is used as a temple and also as a meeting place for the all Chinese who belong to the same clan.

Kapitan Kling Mosque

Constructed in the early 19th century by an Indian Muslim merchant. The mosque was built with islamic architecture of Moorish influence.

Clock Tower

Historic centre of Georgetown.

St. George's Church

Considered one of oldest landmark in Georgetown, this Anglican church was built in 1818.

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